Guide to Managed Access Control

Controlling who has access to your facility has come a long way from the old fashioned lock and key...

Now, the most efficient way to control traffic is with a professionally installed access control system. Chances are you've probably used one, in the form of a key fob, card or badge. The system is so much more than just these pieces of hardware though...

What is managed access control?

An access control system is a series of hardware (card readers, electronic door locks, access cards, intercoms, video integration, etc.) and software that allows you to limit or grant access to your facility. It allows you to give the right people access to the right places, at the right times. An access control system can:

  • A Track and log employee entry times with scheduled activity reports
  • Limit who has access to certain locations
  • Restrict access to areas on specific dates and times such as evenings and holidays

    The "Managed" in Managed Access Control is when a 3rd party (like a security company) administers the permissions, rules and changes for you, saving your organization from sinking time, money and manpower into maintaining the system in-house. The system provider can:
  • Set access levels for specific employees
  • Create special groups, areas and schedules; such as daily schedules and holiday preferences
  • Add new employees & delete former employees in the system
  • Set specific activation dates or deactivate access cards
  • Create temporary cards for guests and/or contractors
  • Execute on-the-fly changes

Access Control for Added Security

access-control-002An access control system can be a tremendous asset to your facility. It can provide employees and visitors with peace of mind that they are safe on the premises, because people can't just walk in off the street. A system can also protect your assets or confidential information by limiting access to inventory storage areas, file rooms, or spaces that house expensive electronics, like computers. While protecting people is a core reason for many access control systems, protecting assets can be just as important.

Since many access control systems can be integrated with video surveillance systems, they can serve as an added layer of security. In the event of a burglary or other incident, access control reports along with video footage can serve as evidence.

EPS Security - Managed Access Pioneers

access-control-001Historically, security companies like EPS create and sell access control systems to customers. The customer would then manage the systems themselves. However, in many cases the system management was a nuisance, chore, and difficult to re-teach in the event of employee turnover.

To alleviate the pain points our customers were experiencing, we decided system management was a service we could provide. EPS committed to managed access as a service decades before our competitors.

When we manage the system, it allows us to on board and transition new customers with ease. We have protocols and standards in place that make any transition seamless. EPS now manages key card and other access control systems for more than 1000 individual buildings. It's not often we see a situation our dedicated Access Control team hasn't experienced before.

About EPS Security

eps-tech-and-truckEngineered Protection Systems, Inc. was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1955. What began as a modest, local operation with a handful of employees has blossomed into a multi-state company with more than 200 employees, three additional Michigan branch offices and thousands of satisfied customers.

Over the past decade, EPS has more than doubled in size. We currently rank as one of the top 30 largest security providers in the nation. We offer the stability, experience, skills and technology of a national provider; yet the people who manage EPS are the same local people who own it. We are your neighbors.

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