Ask The Experts: 3 Things to Consider before Installing a Video Surveillance System

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that you want a video surveillance solution...

It's more difficult to decide what type of system you need and how exactly you need it to work. We asked one of our expert system engineers for advice he would give to organizations that are contemplating installing a video surveillance, but are unsure where to start.

Here are the 3 main questions our engineering team recommends asking yourself before installing an IP video surveillance system:

1. What do you want to watch?

cctv-001This is the most important question to ask yourself when installing a video surveillance system. Our customers often understand that video surveillance is something they need to improve security and protection. However, when designing a system, they don't exactly know what they want to see.

There are two main focuses for video surveillance; employees, and visitors. Which do you need?

As much as we don’t like to admit, there are times when employee monitoring is necessary. Tools or equipment may come up missing, car doors may get scuffed in the parking lot, or productivity may be called into question. In these situations, having a camera system available to tell a story can be essential in shaping a corporate culture where employees feel safe and valued, and for protecting corporate assets.

While most visitors are harmless, they are still a potential surveillance target. Visitors, both planned and unplanned, can pose a risk to your corporate assets and employees. Vandals, irate customers, trespassers, and thieves are all cause for concern to any business. An IP video surveillance system can play an integral part in deterring, identifying, and reacting to these threats. When coupled with an alarm system and access control, IP video is an excellent addition to protecting and securing your building and employees.

An EPS engineer will work to design a system to meet each customer's specific needs. For instance, if a customer needs cameras to work just as well at night or in dark areas as they do during the day, that will impact the type of camera we recommend.

2. What is your existing infrastructure?


Many modern IP cameras are network-based devices. This gives them the ability to exist on your current network alongside your other devices like workstations, printers and servers. When devices are part of the same network, integration is simple.

If your server environment is virtualized, the video management software (VMS) can exist in the virtualized environment as well. So if you want remote access to your video surveillance system on your phone or tablet, it can be done through your existing internet connection. Remote access allows you to view live feed from your security cameras.

3. Do you want a system that can grow and scale with your business?

video-survelliance-001Companies grow and change continuously, and your security and surveillance solutions need to be able to adapt accordingly. We recommended considering future growth when planning for the addition of your new system.

Unlike analog video, IP video offers scalability options beyond the initial install:

  • Hard drives can be added to recorders for increased storage capacity.
  • Cameras can easily be swapped out or upgraded.
  • Switches can be added for more cameras and bandwidth.

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